Wine and Dine


 Mon-Sat 4pm-9pm & Sunday 1pm-8pm


Light Bites

Arches chicken wings  |  €8
Crispy Irish chicken wings, tossed house sauce Asian style, served with Sriracha mayo

Homemade vegetable spring roll (V)  |  €7.50
Crispy pastry filled with mixed cabbage, carrot and glass noodles

Fish Taco  |  €8.50
Crispy Mini Cod fillet in crispy batter, served in a soft tortilla with salsa and sour cream

Golden fried brie (V)  |  €8
Creamy brie cheese, crispy coat and soft in the middle served with cranberry and red wine sauce

Grilled satay chicken skewers  |  €8.50
Grilled marinated chicken, served with pineapple salsa and peanut sauce

Prawns and chorizo  |  €9.50
Tiger prawns and chorizo cooked in herb oil, white wine, cherry tomato and spring onion, served with focaccia

Black pepper calamari  |  €8.50
Lightly tossed in seasoned flour, flash fried and served with garlic mayo

Combinations plate  |  €12.50
Chicken wings, chicken satay skewers and spring rolls

Bigger Bites

The Arches burger  |  €16.75
Irish beef burger topped with smokey bacon, mature cheddar, lettuce, tomato, crispy onion, house mayo, served with chips

Buttermilk chicken burger  |  €15.95
Crispy chicken breast, lettuce, onion and house mayo served with chips

Fish and chips  |  €16.75
Golden fried fresh cod fillet in a light batter, mushy pea, chips, dill and pickle, mayo

10 oz Sirloin steak  |  €24.50
100% Irish steak cooked to your liking with mushroom and onion rings, served with pepper sauce or garlic butter and potato of your choice

Grilled Chicken Fillet  |  €16.75
Marinated chicken fillet in herbs and lemon, grilled and served with sweet corn fritter, roast red pepper sauce and choice of potatoes

Homemade BBQ ribs  |  €19.95
Grilled marinated chicken, served with pineapple salsa and peanut sauce

Spaghetti Carbonara |  €15.95
Spaghetti tossed in our creamy carbonara sauce with pancetta, onion, mushroom and parmesan, served with garlic bread

Arches Imposter Burger (V)  |  €14.50
Meat-free burger with lettuce, tomato, onion and house mayo on a brioche bun served with chips

Asian corner

Thai Green Curry
Most popular Thai curry, rich and spicy using green curry paste cooked in coconut milk, with bamboo shoots, courgettes, peas, beans and basil
  • Beef  |  €18.50
  • Chicken  |  €16.50
  • Prawn  |  €18.50
  • Veg  |  €14.50
Panang Curry
Originated from Panang island, delicious mild curry, cooked in coconut milk, with beans and ground peanut, topped with basil and kaffir lime leaves
  • Beef  |  €18.50
  • Chicken  |  €16.50
  • Prawn  |  €18.50
  • Veg  |  €14.50
Sweet & Sour
Our in-house sweet and sour sauce cooked with onion, carrot, pepper and pineapple
  • Beef  |  €18.50
  • Chicken  |  €16.50
  • Prawn  |  €18.50
  • Veg  |  €14.50
Stir fried cashew nut and chilli oil
With peppers, onion, mushroom, spring onion and carrot
  • Beef  |  €18.750
  • Chicken  |  €16.75
  • Prawn  |  €18.75
  • Veg  |  €14.50
Pad Thai
Favourite stir fried rice noodles with authentic sauce, egg, bean sprout, spring onion, ground peanut
  • Chicken  |  €16
  • Prawn  |  €18
Special egg noodles or fried rice  |  €18
Stir fried egg noodles or rice with beef and chicken, mixed veg and soy sauce
Asian style half duck  |  €17
With crispy rice noodle, steam green and Tamarind sauce


Apple Crumble Pie  |  €6
Deep filled apple pie, the perfect way to finish your meal, served warm with ice cream
Salted Caramel Roulade  |  €6
Crispy meringue filled with salted caramel
Chocolate brownie  |  €6
Rich and soft chocolate brownie served warm with ice cream
Homemade Sticky toffee pudding  |  €6
Soft pudding sponge topped with toffee sauce
Ice cream Sundae |  €6
Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate biscuit and mini marshmallows


Chips  |  €3.50

Rice  |  €3.50

Onion rings  |  €3.50

Mixed salad  |  €3.50

Steamed vegetables  |  €3.50

Tea & Coffee

Regular Tea  |  €2.20
Herbal Tea  |  €2.70
Americano  |  €2.70
Espresso  |  €2.50
Cappuccino  |  €3.20
Latte  |  €3.20
Mocha  |  €3.20
Hot Chocolate  |  €3.50
Liqueur Coffee  |  €6.50
Irish, Baileys, Calypso, Tia Maria

For a full list of allergens, please see our menu in-house. If you are allergic to any food not mentioned on the list please let your server know.
We regret that we cannot split cheques for tables of 6 or more.

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