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Simply call us at (046) 907 6597,  place your order, and your food will be ready for you when you come to collect it. It’s that easy.


Vegetable Spring Rolls  |  €5
Hand-rolled pastry filled with glass noodles, shredded carrot and cabbage (1)

Duck Rolls |  €6
Roast duck, carrot, cabbage, spring onion, wrapped in spring roll wrapper (1)

Wonton |  €6.00
Mince pork wrap in Wonton pastry with sweet chilli dip (1,3,6,11)

Pork Dumpling |  €6.50
Crispy dumpling filled with mince pork, cabbage and spring onion (1,6,11)

Chicken Satay |  €6.50
Thai style marinated chicken on a skewer served with peanut sauce (4,5)

Chicken Wings |  €6.50
Chicken wings tossed in with homemade sweet chilli sauce (1,6,11,14)

Tom Yum soup
Thai spicy and sour broth scented with chilli, galangal, lemon grass, lime leaves and mushroom (2,4)

  • Chicken €6.00
  • Prawn €7.00

Spiced box |  €7
Crispy chicken strips, chips, onion and peppers tossed in our mixed spices (1,3,10)

Spiced Boxs |  €8.00
Crispy chicken, skinny chips, onion and peppers tossed in our spice mix (1,3,10)

Create your Mains

  • Chicken breast or crispy chicken (with light batter)  |  €12.50
  • Prawns  |  €14.00
  • Beef  |  €13.50
  • Vegetable   |  €11.00
  • Roast Duck   |  €14.00
  • Full House (chicken,beef,prawn)   |  €14.50
  • Mixed Seafood (NZ Mussels,prawn,squid)   |  €15.00
  • Add Tofu   |  €1.50
  • Add Cashew Nut   |  €1.50

All mains include Jasmine Rice or Chips (Fried Rice or Egg Noodles €1 extra)


Green Curry
Medium spicy coconut milk-based curry with green bean, peas, bamboo shoot, courgettes and basil (2)

Red Curry
Red curry paste, cooked with coconut milk, bamboo, carrot and fine beans (2)

Yellow Curry
Mild curry coloured with tumeric, cooked with coconut milk, onion, potato and pineapple

Panang Curry
Mild and rich coconut curry sauce, with green bean and peanut (2,5)

Massaman Curry
Aromatic hint of star anise and creamy coconut curry from southern Thailand/Malaysia with potato, onion and peanut (2,5)

Stir fry with Cashew Nut and Chilli Oil
Stir fry made with onion, carrot, mushroom, spring onion, pepper and cashew nut in mild chilli oil (1,2,6,8,14)

Stir fry with Ginger
A refreshing zingy stir fry with juliennes of ginger, onion, mushroom, red chilli, spring onion and carrot (1,6,14)

Stir fry with Oyster Sauce
Simply delicious stir fry with broccoli, onion, baby corn and carrot in oyster sauce (1,6,14)

Stir fry with Chilli and Basil
Popular Thai dish made with fresh chilli, garlic, green bean, onion, pepper, carrot and basil (1,6,14)

Sweet and Sour
Stir fried with onion, pineapple, carrot, pepper in homemade sweet & sour sauce (1)

Stir fry with Peanut Sauce
Wok fried onion, carrot, pepper in our homemade peanut sauce (1,2,5)

Stir fry Chilli Thai herb
Wok friend curry paste with bamboo, pepper and basil (1,6,14)

Stir fry with Taramind Sauce
Unique flavour from Taramind, sweet and tangy wok fried with onion, carrot, pepper and chilli (1)

All In One Dishes

Crispy Duck   |  €14
Half roast duck with crispy noodles, mixed vegetable and tamarind sauce (1,3,4,6,11,14)

Pad Thai   |  Chicken €12.50   |  Prawn €14
Flat rice noodles dish with egg, bean sprout, ground peanut and spring onion (3,5,6,14)

Stir fried Egg Noodles   |  Chicken €12.50   |  Prawn €14
Stir fried egg noodles in soy sauce with egg and mixed vegetables (1,3,6,14)

Special Fried Rice   |  Chicken €12.50   |  Prawn €14
Stir fried Thai jasmin rice, egg, carrot, onion and peas (1,3,6)

Chicken Burger   |  €13.50
Crispy buttermilk marinated chicken breast, served on brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, onion, house mayo and chips (1,3,7,10)

Beef Burger   |  €13.50
100% Irish beef burger, served on brioche bun, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, house mayo and chips. Add bacon €1 (1,3,7,10)

Kids Meals

Chicken Goujons with Chips  |  €6.00

Kid’s Chicken Fried Rice |  €6.00

Kid’s Sausage and Chips |  €6.00

Kid’s Chicken Sweet and Sour with Rice |  €6.00

3 in 1 (Fried Rice, Chips, Curry Sauce) |  €6.00

4 in 1 (Fried Rice, Chips, Curry Sauce, Crispy Chicken) |  €9.00

Minerals 330ml |  €1.50


Prawn crackers  |  €1.50

Curry sauce |  €2.00

Jasmine rice |  €2.00

Chips |  €3.00

Fried rice |  €3.00

Egg Noodles |  €3.00

Garlic Dip |  €1.00

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At present we do not deliver – call and collection only.

For a full list of allergens, please see our menu in-house. If you are allergic to any food not mentioned on the list please let your server know.
We regret that we cannot split cheques for tables of 6 or more.